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Dr. Jack Kasher

Dr. Jack Kasher is professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Nebraska. From 1975-1992 he was a consultant and summer employee at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where he specialized in electromagnetic theory and did work on the Star Wars defense system. He spent the summer of 1991 working at NASA’s Marshall Spaceflight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. He has continued his research with NASA since that time, studying the surface of the sun. He is the Nebraska State Director for MUFON.

Dr. Kasher did a detailed analysis of the STS-48 shuttle mission video that shows anomalous objects moving in space in a controlled manner within view of the shuttle’s cameras.

This analysis report entitled,
can be found here:

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Sunday, January 13, 2008 - Posted by | eye to the sky, ufos


  1. […] Dr Bruce Maccabee, l’ingénieur en aéronautique Dr Bob Wood, et le professeur de physique Dr Jack Kasher. J’en oublie certainement, car il y a abondance de scientifiques spécialisés à même […]

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  2. so if you watch the video carefully i think that it may disprove it in its self now i want to start out be saying i am in no way a sceptic i have had many different experiences of my own and i do feel that there are other life forms living somewhere else it is nieve to think other wise but back to my point in the video right before the object moves in the oposite direction there is a flash of light now this may be either the camera trying to refocus to the changing light or this infact might be a sudden thruster discharge used to stabalize the shuttle. if this is true then that might mean that the object in question might be a much smaller object much closer than thought before. now if you watch closely right when there is a flash not only does that one object start moving but another on below it as well but at a much slower rate than the other. now my thinking is that maybe the object in question was closer to the thruster than the object below it which would make since because it was moving at a much slower rate of motion. now when they were saying that the object in question was being shot at i highely doubt that but this in it self is not speculation either again it may be disproven that it is a shot at the object beacuse there is another upward shot from the earth or it would seem thats what it is on the lower right hand side of the screen right after the other “shot” now im not saying that this is in no way intelegent life im jsut saying think about it there is so much more proving evidence than this that there are other beings near and on this planet email me about this either at or at thanks love to talk about this some time

    Comment by tyler | Tuesday, June 22, 2010 | Reply

  3. Sorry just 2 important questions:

    1. Nowadays Dr. Jack Kasher is working for NASA or worked for them sometime?

    2. Was he especifically hired by NASA to analyze the video from STS-48?

    Has anybody the answers for these questions please.

    Thanks very much.

    Comment by David Moreno | Monday, October 11, 2010 | Reply

  4. Who wins? We know we are losing.

    Big Picture Thinking – Why is it so profitable to ruin Earth? – Only micro-organisms can live in an acidic environment. Are they aware?

    — check it out — micro-organism DNA is now being used to run our super-computers, because each nodule is either a 1 or a 0 —

    How small can intelligent life be?

    Rage Against The Machine

    How much can you comprehend quantity wise? Do you limit your intake of info?

    So, are you a big picture thinker? Can you see it all? Macro as well as micro?

    Most people sit around talking to each other as if they have resumes
    printed on their shirts and barcodes stamped on their foreheads, so
    they don’t get to relate to other people on the gut level. They are
    effectively caged in. The blue people go through their lives make
    square patterns, while the yellow people make circular patterns, and
    the red people make triangular patterns. There is not supposed to be a
    multi-color person who can go around and do all the colors and all the
    patterns, and there is especially not supposed to be a comprehensive
    bird’s eye view of what everyone in the world is doing.

    Yes, extremeophiles will be the new winners, thermoacidophiles who can
    tolerate high radioactivity.

    As planets get closer to their stars, the lifeforms get smaller. First
    dinosaurs, then humans, next micro-organisms.
    How small can intelligent life be? How large can it be? How
    intelligent are we humans if we extinct ourselves?
    Even thermoacidophiles are alkaline inside their cell walls. 0 humans
    can live in an acidic world, not even genetically modified humans.
    Anything that can live in the acidic world we are creating is not
    Is there any small but intelligent life that can live in this new acidic Earth?
    Is “The Machine” composed of zillions of acid-loving life-forms that
    are just pitting us against ourselves.

    Comment by Ceren Richardson Farr | Sunday, January 1, 2012 | Reply

  5. In response to question #3. Yes Dr Kasher is working as a consultant for NASA now, and yes, he was hired by NASA to analyse the STS-48 video footage . He told the audience in a lecture I attended that he was actually skeptical the footage would show anything peculiar since many variables can effect what is “seen”. After analysis and explaining camera angles, ice chunks,trajectories,speed of shuttle and the clincher..its departure and turning off at a rate of speed twice that of the shuttle, he changed his mind. Fascinating to say the least. I am sure NASA wasn’t surprised since they have equal numbers of similiar footage from astronaut missions..

    Comment by Sheila Emanuel | Saturday, February 4, 2012 | Reply

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