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Dorothy Izatt Interviewed about 30 years of filming light beings and Frank Longo’s documentary about her ‘Capturing The Light’.

The Paranormal Cafe interviews Dorothy Izatt who has been, since 1974, filming lights in the sky above her home in Canada. She refers to them as beings of light. Others refer to them as UFOs. What is certain is that Dorothy’s experiences are unique. So unique that there is a documentary out about them entitled ‘Capturing The Light: 30,000 Feet Of Proof’. ( the 30,000 feet refers to all the film she’s taken of the lights in the sky) We also interview the director of the documentary Frank Longo along with Dorothy’s daughter Marilyn who has had some encounters of her own.
Dorothy Izatt Interviewed about 30 years of filming light beings and Frank Longo’s documentary about her ‘Capturing The Light’.


Thursday, February 21, 2008 - Posted by | paranormal cafe, ufos


  1. I admire, respect, believe and commend Dorothy for
    sharing this all with those who are willing to understand and who have ‘common sense’ in knowing that ‘we here’ couldn’t possibly be ‘the main attraction’ in a galaxy so vast…religions dumb down many in this respect and are actually ‘cover stories’ for who and where we came from.
    It becomes pretty obvious when one is able to think for oneself and not have others do it for them…I was (when watching CAPTURING THE LIGHT) ‘ticked off’ at some of Dorothy’s family members..especially one of her sons that wouldn’t even believe and doubted his own mother and lacked ‘the faith’ in his mother’s truthfulness and was so absent of ‘wonder’ and the belief that his mother was given
    something so very special, yet readily believes what his pastor tells him right off the bat simply because its ‘within a religious’ box. It seems a raw nerve was struck and he was (maybe still is?) trying to bury the reality of it. Ridiculous and sad at the same time. But Dorothy being a religious woman it seems, has grown even more spiritually in all of this through these experiences. THE CHRIST is the LIGHT IN US ALL..people misinterpret and religions often mislead…the light beings are showing this in many varied ways that WE are LIGHT BEINGS as well and many will grow spiritually, like Dorothy from experiences like hers into better humans while others will remain ‘spiritually dead’ still steeped in man made rituals and religious dogma…Dorothy is a real trooper. Her family…all of them..should not only be inspired by her experiences, but learn to be better people from it..and yes, carry on for her in years to come regardless of what the fearful religious and scientific communities try to dictate and implant. Can’t they see that Dorothy was indeed given a gift from God…the Gods (Elohim is PLURAL) who seeded many life forms..including us…keep it going
    Dorothy!…Paul and Donna Parla, California

    Comment by paul parla | Thursday, August 26, 2010 | Reply

  2. I knew Dorothy in the late 1980’s and spent many evenings at her apartment in Richmond..Her footage is real and she is authentic..I once witnessed an eight foot light beam shoot out of her eye, and she told me that the light beings were raising her frequency..Dorothy is the real thing as far as capturing real footage .I wish I could find her? Where is she?Brenda Zakreski Nanaimo BC

    Comment by Brenda Zakreski | Thursday, November 24, 2011 | Reply

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