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Dreamland: David Ray Griffin

This week, we present a searing interview of David Ray Griffin. Whitley Strieber asks the hard questions, and gets the devastating answers about what really happened on 9/11. Much of this material is new and it is deeply shocking. Then Linda Howe talks about what is probably the most incredible crop circle ever created, the first of what promises to be a stunner of a season in southern England.

In his new book, 9/11 Contradictions, David Ray Griffin goes farther than ever before to show that the official story of what happened on 9/11 is riddled with contradictions and impossibilities. He demands that Congress and the press ask the hard questions, and come up with answers that will satisfy an American people increasingly concerned about the problems with the official story.

Linda Howe’s segment of Dreamland is about a new crop circle that has appeared in England that measure out the value of Pi. How anybody, human or otherwise, could have created such a formation in a planted crop defies explanation. And don’t miss Whitley Strieber’s journal entry about how this might be related to our Unknowncountry Meditation Group’s work, and Linda Howe’s excellent report on the formation.

Learn more about Dreamland here.


Friday, June 13, 2008 - Posted by | conspiracy, dreamland

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