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SDI #461 – Twenty Questions

SDI #461 – Twenty Questions

20 Questions cogently addressed by SDI-nauts Dave Furlotte, Stuart
Chris Rutkowski, and mission commander Errol Bruce-Knapp:

1. How does water on Mars, all but confirmed, only “sorta” make the
mainstream news?

2. Does Mars water bode well for “bushes” of all types, other
and even Martian “prairie-dogs” on the surface of Mars?

3. Have official photos of the Martian surface been heavily doctored
in the
past, and if so… why, really?

4. Does Mars have a _blue_ sky?

5. Is Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, with faultless reputation, of sound
scientific mind, a holder of an earned PhD from MIT, and the 9th person
walk in the moon… also a doddering old fool “obviously” in the throws
intellectual disintegration or cognitive infarct and grasping at a
dwindling in twilight years?

6. As a rule of observed physicality: whatever “happens” undergoes a
“formality of occurrence” such that it is an unambiguous indication
what _can_ happen, happens? Happenings, having happened, of needs,
must be
continuing to happen? Submitted for the reader’s approval: are we not
ourselves proof of the extraterrestrial because we are our own evidence
an intellectual happening and it is only the destructively obnoxious
arrogance which espouses it’s _first_ or _last_ in _any_ chain of

7. Have we in fact been “visited” according to those who might provide
“briefing” on such, are close to the subject matter at hand, and who
that ephemeral “need to know” regarding same?

8. Is “disclosure” close at hand, even _if_ at hand at all?

9. Will humanity be overwhelmed or under-whelmed regarding disclosure?

10. Are some UFOs “home grown”?

11. Does the “ignorant bliss” we “enjoy” as a humanity with regard to
aliens provide some evidence as to their lack of “hostility” as
is presently understood?

12. What does an alien being _have_ to look like?

13. Who are the _other_ astronauts who correspond with Dr. Mitchell as
pertains to de facto aliens and intelligent life off this planet?

14. Is “knowing” as simple as “wanting” to know?

15. Is an embarrassed NASA damned if they _do_ refute Dr. Mitchell as
as they are damned if they _don’t_?

16. Did Dave Letterman conclusively ridicule NASA in a recent “Top 10
humiliation on national TV?

17. Is the end nigh?

18. Was “Y2K” a genuine catastrophe averted by early warning, or was
it a
paranoid nonsense provoking a waste of time and money?

19. Will the Hadron Accelerator create a black hole and implode the

20. Is our continued greater understanding of aggregate reality worth
risk of the preceding?

Great conterminous and _oblobious_ Zot, but I didn’t even get through
_Furry_ this iteration before I hit 20! A record! Eighty minutes
remain of
Dave Furlotte: justifying, surprisingly, an unsettled dread. Stuart
explicates, perhaps, an inerrant glossiness about UFO magazine costs
production, UFOs in Great Britain Silly Seasons, and effusive Chinese
Lanterns. Stuart Miller also reflects upon a ufological individual
vis a vis the “Mothman Futility Syndrome” even though he doesn’t call
that and then further credits a totally unbiased and irrepressible Andy

Roberts regarding just one more ufological affair he’s discredited
any _possible_ doubt.

Chris Rutkowski provides a good example for the word “asymptotic” as he

notes a more than significant upturn in the numbers of UFO reports
Canada over the last year in an official report. 30 more minutes
from here, reader, minutes requiring no toad, actually… unless you’re
a toad _booster_. If you’re due, it’s up to you.

Know the Toad! [All hail the Toad!]

…Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener’s own!

Written by Alfred Lehmberg
AVG Blog
UFO Magazine


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