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Conversation with Sawyer about Heavens Gate

Sawyer and Heavens talk radio show | Conversation with Sawyer about Heavens Gate


Sunday, August 10, 2008 - Posted by | ufos |

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  1. Hi Leslie – I am known as Sawyer and this recording of an interview I gave long ago sucks. It was when I first began taking information about Ti and Do to the internet and well, there is just a ton of better expressions out there now to draw upon if you want to represent what I talk about on your blog. I can be found most wednesday nights 10pm-12am ET on or through articles I’ve written on, some on space aliens directly though I could write much more still. I’ve come to realize that in 1976 I was contacted via spacecraft and this was after I joined with Ti and Do for non-ufo related reasons though they were being called the UFO two at that time. I left them 19 years later but not due to any disbelief and felt compelled to go public with what I knew when they layed down their lives in 1997 which I have a great deal of evidence was purely voluntary believe it or not and NOT religious or spiritual by the common definitions. In fact I’ve accumulated so much info on who these two were that it still blows my mind. I also have done some low tech video’s on channel: 3spm if you want to list them on your site. Don’t worry I’m not recruting – not at all, not that you personally would worry but some think that’s my intention towards everyone yet I can be very truthful to say I have zero interest in trying to comondeer anyone’s attention or loyalty in any way shape or form, monitarily or otherwise. I am an enigma in that way. Since leaving them in 1994 I encountered seeing spirts on two occasions that they orchestrated for me to see while several of them, Ti, Do and some students I lived with visited me often in dreams with messages that I could not deny though I tried to as I had just fathered a baby in 1997 and wanted nothing to do with the group, yet I still felt very attached to them so I gradually inched back to the service I now offer them though they are no longer in the spirit world but I have contact whenever I ask for it. So I guess that makes me a big kahoona contactee as well as a channeler (that does NOT trance talk). I’ll have to review some of your posts but wanted to say my piece about me first. I am pretty hard hitting in ways but I’m sure you can take it. Good luck with your seeking.

    Comment by sawyer | Sunday, March 28, 2010 | Reply

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