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SDI #463 Twenty Questions

SDI #463 Twenty Questions

20 Questions concordantly addressed with wit, penetration, scholarship, and courage by Dave Furlotte, Stuart Miller, and Robert L. Hastings as Errol Bruce-Knapp struggles too arduously bringing it to us at all, and I ain’t talkin’ about no problems with no teefusses, aurally rendering EBK’s usual Noel Coward into the Elephant Man —Ok, I exaggerated— still …news at eleven:

1. “Blanchard, Lytle, And Roswell.” What, who, where, how, when, and why?

2. Dead Generals don’t lie about UFOs?

3. What _is_ a UFO legend?

4. How many “crashes” at Roswell?

5. How many “bodies” in the desert?

6. How many alien “survivors” at Corona?

7. Why did General Blanchard even issue the story that a “crashed saucer had been recovered by the Army at Roswell”?

8. How does an active duty Army flight surgeon holding the rank of full Colonel presently remember holding flying saucer pieces in his hand as a child?

9. How many times has “officialdom” issued a bald if _not_ bold lie regarding Roswell?

10. Are some ufologists point-taking adolescents?

11. What Roswell facts are _beyond_ dispute?

12. Is it one thing to profess blindness where one is actually blind but another when ones eyes are merely closed? Is it enough to squeeze a stifled four letter word out of Dave Furlotte?

13. Why is Art Bell touted by the mainstream as an authority on UFOs?

14. Does Stuart Miller hew the “middle ground” with regard to all things Fortean?

15. What does a scarce Paul Kimball have to say on the subject of “honest ExoPols”?

16. Why the strange manipulation of testimony by the Cardiff Police to assuage their odd complicity in the Cardiff UFO affair via a 999 (911) call?

17. What is this strange fascination with Chinese Wedding lanterns preferred to gassy pelicans?

18. What explains the deliberate sabotage of the UFO Hunter program vis a vis Cardiff, if a lantern _was_ the culprit?

19. Why are Condon and Brookings still not contested by the mainstream as a canted ax grind by the decision makers of the time?

20. What _can_ be said about societies millions or even billions of years in advance of our own?

…And sixty minutes remain in tumultuous cavalcade of Stuart’s exploration of his perhaps nascent dark-side, that retreat of sensibilities in trepidation… to incredulous disbelief? Then Robert L. Hastings demonstrates how UFOs swoop down and turn our nuclear weapons on and off at will… that’s right. Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener’s own! Subscribe! Know the toad to squeegee that third eye!
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