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Masonic Sorcerers Play Fair

This week I devoted the show to answering the questions posted at this blog. Subjects covered: Gnosis as an antipode to belief and opinion. How not to get lost in the data-deluge of paranoid research. Alex Jones and David Icke as unwitting disinfo agents? Mysteries of dream life, the second attention, and the other self. Movement of the assemblage point, ego transformation and death of the personal self. Lunar vs solar being. ET invasion as the ultimate manifestation of the Other: archetypal energy that creates a vortex which draws all our disowned aspects to it, like iron filings to a magnet, and from these creates “form.” Grays as aspects of our collective Shadow. Movement from individual consciousness to collective, local awareness to non-local awareness that will include the consciousness of the planet, solar system and on, over the next 100 years. Humanity is the mind of the Earth. Earth awakening through a self-imposed crisis. Awareness of the body as a hive mind, a collective of cells just as the Universe is a collective of cells. Manufactured mythic narratives, the current financial (environmental, population) crisis setting up the conditions for us to accept totalitarian control system and become slaves of the State. The opportunity of the Revelation of the Method. Even Masonic sorcerers play fair (obey divine law).

Stormy Weather: Masonic Sorcerers Play Fair


Sunday, October 26, 2008 - Posted by | aliens, conspiracy, paranormal |

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