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Dr. Stephen Rorke on BoA Audio

It’s the “Halloween hangover” edition of BoA:Audio, as we welcome emerging instrumental transcommunication researcher Dr. Stephen Rorke, to take a sober look at the Spiricom Story. Stephen provides us with an in-depth examination of the infamous esoteric tale, including the “official” public story of Spiricom, profiling the players involved, why Rorke believes Spiricom to be a hoax, and, if it was a hoax, who was behind it and why. Plus, the true story of Thomas Edison’s “attempts to communicate with the dead,” who is still perpetuating the Spiricom hoax, where the device is today, and a plethora of more material in this richly detailed episode of the program.

It’s a whole new view of an often-overlooked (or blindly accepted) esoteric story on a groundbreaking edition of BoA:Audio.

binnall of america : audio


Thursday, November 6, 2008 - Posted by | BOA Audio, ghosts

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