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Gian Quasar (Part 2 of 2)

BoA:Audio concludes our marathon conversation with Gian Quasar, author of Into the Bermuda Triangle. Part 2 begins at last week’s cliffhanger: the stories of those who have entered the Triangle, had bizarre experiences, and lived to tell the tale. Gian shares a number of fascinating and terrifying stories of Triangle near-misses. We’ll discuss the infamous electric fog which is a telltale sign of Triangle troubles, the Devil’s Triangle of the South China Sea, the Great Lakes Triangle, tangential esoteric elements that have been tied to the Triangle such as the Atlantic Ridge & the theories of worldwide catastrophe around 4000 BC. We’ll cover the Bimini Road, Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis predictions, the Indian vimanas, Martian and Lunar anomalies, and the dreaded three letter word: UFO.

Plus, if it’s possible to study the Triangle, the long term positive byproduct of the Triangle disappearances, Gian’s role in the resurgance of Triangle popularity, the origins of Gian’s unique name, and his impending book on Bigfoot. Plus, as always, tons and tons more. It’s another jam packed edition of BoA:Audio which emerge from the fog that is the Bermuda Triangle.

binnall of america : audio


Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - Posted by | BOA Audio, paranormal, ufos

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