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Frank Longo Capturing The Light

There has never been a case study like this! Dorothy Izatt’s phenomenon surpasses the most notorious alien abduction cases aka contactees. Unlike Whitley Strieber (Communion), Travis Walton (Fire in the Sky), and the Betty and Barney Hill case… Dorothy has FILMED her experiences. Thirty years in the making and armed with over 30,000 feet of film, Dorothy is now ready to share her story of contact with the world. •Watch unreleased UFO footage that defies logic and science •Learn about why they are here and what their intentions are •Discover how you can experience what Dorothy does •Witness never before seen UFO footage and anomalies captured DURING the making of the documentary. Never has a documentary examined the life of a contactee and its affects on an otherwise normal family… until now. Whether you follow the world of the paranormal or not, Capturing the Light will have you questioning your own beliefs. Be the first to witness and experience the Dorothy Izatt phenomenon.

alien and extraterrestrial talk radio show | Frank Longo Capturing The Light


Sunday, December 28, 2008 - Posted by | aliens, paranormal palace, ufos

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