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This Week on Dreamland: Contacting the Visitors

Ed and Kris Sherwood have been on a journey of discovery involving extraterrestrial contact, crop circles and inner work for many years, and here they describe for us the methods they use to initiate contact.

They have filmed some of their interactions with UFOs, and Ed has been present with other witnesses when a crop circle was formed. He recognizes that there are all sorts of different types of contact possible, and tells us how, at first, he was paralyzed by fear in the face of direct close encounters, then outlines just exactly how he dealt with this fear. He describes being implanted, and his anger at this, and his understanding of why implantation takes place.

The Sherwoods are far advanced in contact, and you will rarely, if ever, hear more useful information for those of us wishing to initiate our contact experiences ourselves. The image shows a UFO called by the Sherwoods at their home in Santa Monica, Ca.

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