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This Week on Dreamland: Former National Security Agency Scientist on Implants

Dr. Robert Koontz is a physicist who was formerly employed by the US National Security Agency and is now researching in areas such as zero point energy. He was on CoasttoCoast AM last week discussing this subject, antigravity and many other topics. Now he spends Dreamland with Whitley Strieber discussing just one topic that he did not cover extensively on Coast, and that topic is IMPLANTS.

Dr. Koontz has also had a UFO sighting in 2002, and the image is shown here. At one point, he mentions ‘time slips,’ which floors Whitley because he had two of them just last week. (To find out more about his experiences, go to our Insight section.) Dr. Koontz then explains what they are and how they relate to implants. He urges Whitley to get his own implant removed. But should he?

Don’t miss this fascinating part of the discussion, or the part about mind control and hybrids and the possibility that our world may already be far more deeply penetrated by an alien presence than we can imagine–or than we can see.

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