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Bruce Rux, part 2 on binnall of america : audio

The Rux Trilogy continues into the middle installment of our marathon coversation with Bruce Rux, author of Hollywood v. the Aliens. Here in Volume Two, dubbed The Program, we’ll talk about Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry & The Nine, The X-Files, Doctor Who, The Quartermass Trilogy, the James Bond films, and a ton of other sci fi, UFO, & esoteric films and how these entertainment offerings fit into the UFO “education program” that Bruce sees at work throughout the last few decades. We’ll find out if there were similaries or differences in how the UK and the US handled UFOs on film & TV and also how the entertainment coming out of Japan reflected their take on the phenomenon.

We’ll also discuss how the Jimmy Carter presidency ushered in a whole new era of pro-UFO films, such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Superman, as well as the anti-UFO films of the Carter era such as Dean Koontz’s Demon Seed and Alien, the transition to Reagan as president and how it changed the portrayal of UFOs and aliens in films and TV shows, plus the emergence of “magazine” style programs such as In Search Of.

Covering an absolute wealth of TV programs and films with a UFO bent, we dig beneath the surface and look at what really may have been going on in a variety of sci fi institutions.

binnall of america : audio


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