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Lenon Honor – The Borg Agenda & The Sexualization of Technology

Our guest is Lenon Honor, a researcher and filmmaker, who primarily focus on subliminal programming and manipulation within the media, the music industry and television, programming and mind control. We discuss his upcoming film project called “The Borg Agenda, Seven of Nine and and the Sexualization of Technology”. Topics Discussed: Subliminal Programming in the Media, Screening media, TV and Films for Children, Pedophilic Contact in the movies, Angels in the Outfield, Reclaiming our Sight, Hidden in Plain Sight, Infinity, DNA, Wilson Brian Keyes, The Age of Manipulation, Techniques for detecting the Programming, Slowing things down, The Television, Feminization of Men, Hypnotic Nature of the Television Technology, Theta Waves, Humans Beings Multidimensional Beings, Technology, The Borg Agenda, Transhumanism, What is the Main Agenda Right Now, Robo-Agenda, The Hive Mind, World Wide Mind, Microchip Implant, One Though, Telepathy, The Borg Queen, Dominatrix Archetype, A.I. Systems, The Sexualization of Technology, Are Men are Jealous of the Female Creative Aspect? In Hour Two we talk about the Family, the Insect like Hive Mentality, Gender Roles, Feminization of the Male, Media, Fashion and the Hero archetype are Disrupting the Natural Roles. We also discuss the Sacred Feminine, Can learn from Technology? Specific Tasks we agreed to perform on this planet before we came here. How do we Remember what these Tasks are? We discuss the Manipulative Forces and Non Human Entities Controlling Events on this Planet. We round things up to talk about Children, the Futurists Wet Dream, Transhumanism, The Global Agenda of and how we can reactivate our dormant Telepathic Abilities. Don’t miss this interesting program!

Lenon Honor – The Borg Agenda & The Sexualization of Technology | Odeo: Search, Discover and Share Digital Media from Millions of Audio and Video Clips


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