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Eye to the Sky – the UFO synopsis guest, Robert Salas

UFO Paranormal radio network: Eye to the Sky – the UFO synopsis guest, Robert Salas


Saturday, November 28, 2009 - Posted by | eye to the sky, ufos |

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  1. Robert Salas is a fraud and every witness Robert Hastings has ever interviewed in connection with the Echo Flight Incident of March 1967 are confirmed liars — this isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact. Every confirmed eyewitness associated with this hoax has confirmed repeatedly that there were no UFOs involved. Robert Salas has changed his story repeatedly over the years and most of what he has claimed can be easily refuted. He has purposely refused to discuss the actual investigation that took place after the Echo Flight missile failures, he has refused to comment on the eyewitnesses who have asserted for years that Salas was not present at any of the missile failure incidents, claims that he has made are contrary to easily supported facts that have been repeatedly proven, and the witnesses he has claimed that verify his story have ALL come forward to refute his claims, and have ALL insisted that no UFOs were involved in any of the missile failures that took place in March 1967. Robert Salas is a proven fraud who “invented” a UFO sighting in order to make money in his retirement. He has gone out of way to discredit better men than himself, and has repeatedly lied to the public regarding the “incident” he supposedly witnessed. This is not an opinion — it is a proven fact. Please note the following discussions of his lies:

    and the ongoing discussion of the Echo Flight incident at

    This man has repeatedly lied about the incidents that took place, and he is getting paid to do so. NONE of his claims can be supported, and EVERYTHING he has ever said on the subject has been proven wrong.

    Comment by James Carlson | Wednesday, April 7, 2010 | Reply

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