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Nick Redfern and Greg Bishop on binnall of america : audio

In this two-part, dual guest interview, BoA:Audio looks back at 2009: The Year in Ufology with our special guests, longtime friends of the program, Nick Redfern & Greg Bishop. We’ll be examining what was a relatively “down” year in UFO studies and giving some perspective to the stories that did create a buzz in the research community as well as the mainstream media. Here in Part One, such stories include: the UK Wind Turbine “UFO” of January, the file releases of Denmark & Brazil, the Morristown NJ UFO hoax from the early part of this year, the failed disclosure predictions for July in France and November in America, the Google UFO logo mania of September, the Socorro UFO hoax allegations from the Fall, and we’ll remember the lives of some of the esoteric figures that we lost in 2009 like contactee Howard Menger, UK UFO researcher Tony Dodd, fortean legend John Keel, Ufology legend Dick Hall, and Socorro UFO witness Lonnie Zamora.

binnall of america : audio


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