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This Week on Dreamland: New Year’s Special

What will 2010 bring? Whitley Strieber, Marla Frees, William Henry, Jim Marrs and Anne Strieber all tackle that question in different ways in our provocative new year’s special.

Listen as they bring their very different approaches to 2010–Marla as an intuitive, William with his extraordinary grasp of the past, Jim with his understanding of how hidden power actually works, and Anne with her extensive scientific knowledge.

Then Whitley Strieber will describe what might happen if the visitors become public knowledge in 2010. What form might this take? What kind of changes can we expect?

2010 is Anne and Whitley Strieber’s 10th year of hosting Dreamland, and we would like to thank all of our listeners for making it one of the largest and most popular podcasts in the world!

Dreamland goes where other shows cannot go: under the surface, to where the real truths can be found. How do we do it? Expert hosts, totally uncensored, and a willingness to explore just about anything.

Thanks for listening, and welcome to the adventure of 2010!

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