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Bill and Nancy Birnes and Micah Hanks on binnall of america : audio

Wrapping up our big return, BoA:Audio unleashes a 2nd episode this week which centers purely on the esoteric. First, we’ll have a special dual-guest conversation with Bill and Nancy Birnes, of UFO Hunters & UFO Magazine. Envisioned as a fly-on-the-wall look at the UFO power couple, dubbed “Dinner with the Birnes,” we find out about the demise of UFO Hunters, the pair’s entrance into Ufology with The Day After Roswell, their perspective on today’s world of UFO studies, and a whole bunch more as we travel down a number of sideroads that include Jamie Shandera, TWA Flight 800, strange Ufological “sources,” the Birnes family’s remarkable history in the entertainment world, and the duo’s cameo in the recent Dwayne Johnson film Race to Witch Mountain. It’s both a carefree and fascinating glimpse behind the curtain with two of Ufology’s biggest players.

In addition to that, we welcome Micah A. Hanks back to the program for a post-show “stop and chat” to tell us about his new book Magic, Mysticism, and the Molecule.

binnall of america : audio


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  1. Can Bill pls tell us where he got the good looking glasses he always uses on his shows? Thank you.

    Comment by Antonio Briceño | Sunday, August 8, 2010 | Reply

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