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I have been interested in ufos and the paranormal since childhood. I write the weekly column Grey Matters for Binnall of America and the monthly column Beyond the Dial for UFO Magazine. I also have several blogs including The Debris Field.  I live in Albuquerque, NM with my SO and pets.



  1. UFO community hopeful that Mitt Romney will disclose the truth

    An article published on entitled “Mitt Romney, the best Candidate for UFO disclosure?” ( outlines a case that Mormonism is the only religion capable of surviving the earth shattering effects of extraterrestrials contact.

    Although Romney has not made any campaign promises to disclose classified alien files, UFO believers hope that his theological perspective will lead to more government cooperation and acknowledgement.

    Comment by Ian | Saturday, December 8, 2007 | Reply

  2. my code names in the older internet website message boards were dattz and getthedude. ufo researcher archives are in google groups, message boards were taken in a sale to long ago.
    i am showing you how to let the world see what was fought about in obscure message boards– some archives held by google groups area go back to mid 1990s….
    –steve tobias
    this is my first release of information as to who i was back then…everyone only knew me by the code names…the poor grammar etc was due to simple computer equipment and rushing messages to completion before the writing was entirely lost in a disconnection event which occurred 5 % per cent of the time… most lost comments i simply re-typed again and some were never repeated due to lateness or fatigue etc….

    this is only one part of the original messages… the other name to search in google groups is getthedude
    search process :
    google then to google groups then to type my author name in search box type dattz or getthedude ( one name at a time) or dattz ufo…end of report.

    Comment by steve tobias | Monday, January 7, 2008 | Reply

  3. Dear New Friends of,
    We would like to alert you to a new series of five discussions beginning 29 December 2007 between Joanna Harcourt-Smith and John Lash :


    Discussions on Entheogens and the Planetary Shift:

    The Wasson Thesis and the Religious View of Nature
    The Psychonautic Adventure – Three Generations of Discovery
    The Organic Light and Telestic Shamanism
    The Planetary Shift – Society or the Species

    (Also, a wonderful conversation with psychologist, writer and researcher Dr Ralph Metzner. This is an candid and deep exchange of ideas about the past and the possible future, a historical document that speaks about the birth of LSD research at Harvard and beyond.
    I am proud to offer you this gift, hope you will take the time to listen at):

    Praise to the Web of Life,

    Please listen and give us feedback,
    Warm regards

    Jose Luis G. Soler
    Production Assistant

    Comment by Jose Luis G. Soler | Saturday, February 9, 2008 | Reply

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