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David Icke – The Hollie Greig Case & The Scottish Elite Connections to the World Wide Satanic Pedophile Network

We follow up on the story of the Scottish establishment pedophilia ring and talk more about the horrifying case of Hollie Greig with David Icke who joins us to connect some of the dots surrounding this and other similar cases around the world. We talk about the world wide spanning satanic network and the connecting pedophile rings that have its tentacles into elite, political and illuminati circles around the world. Why? What is going on? Who are the perpetrators? Topics Discussed: Scotland, Breach of the Peace, the Law Firm, Levy and McRae, Is it a Freemasonic cover-up? The Franklin Cover-up, Pedophile Ring in Nebraska, John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson, Lawrence King, Kenny MacAskill, The Murder of Anne’s Brother Roy, Thomas Hamilton, Jersey child abuse investigation 2008 at the a youth hostel, Christopher Booker, Blackmail, High-ranking Australian Satanist Deathbed Confessions, British Premier Gordon Brown a Pedophile? The Lack of Empathy of the perpetrators, Non-Human Monsters, Demons & Reptiles, “All that is Hidden will Come to Light,” we also ask David what he believes the world will look like in 20 years from now. Don’t miss this program and don’t forget to listen to our two-hour program with Anne Greig and Robert Green as well.

Red Ice Radio – David Icke – The Hollie Greig Case & The Scottish Elite Connections to the World Wide Satanic Pedophile Network


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Red Ice Radio – Holger Bech Nielsen – CERN & the Large Hadron Collider ‘Being Sabotaged from the Future’

Physicist Holger Bech Nielsen, one of the founders of string theory, joins us from the Neils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen to discuss his theories about CERN, the world’s biggest and most expensive physics experiment. We talk about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the model that they are developing at the Neils Bohr Institute and the search for the mysterious Higgs boson particle, also known as the “god” particle. We ask why the LHC haven’t been working properly? We further discuss Holger’s claim that he made in an interview with the New York Times that the Large Hadron Collider is being “Sabotaged from the Future”. We talk about “god”, time, history and the future. Topics discussed: Collision, The Standard Model, Higgs Particle, Superstring Theory, Technicolor, 9 Space Dimensions in String Theory, Kaluza-Klein Particles, Quantum, Einstein, Heisenberg, Newton, Big Bang, “God”, Imaginary Part of the Action, Big Bang, Superconducting Super Collider (SSC), Bird dropping a bread crumb in the LHC and more.

Red Ice Radio – Holger Bech Nielsen – CERN & the Large Hadron Collider ‘Being Sabotaged from the Future’

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Peter Levenda – Chinese Alchemy

Peter Levenda, author of the acclaimed “Sinister Forces” Trilogy and “Unholy Alliance: A History of the Nazi Involvement With the Occult” returns to Red Ice Radio after two years to talk about some of his latest work. He has released three books since we last talked: “The Mao of Business: Guerrilla Trade Techniques for the New China”, “Stairway to Heaven: Chinese Alchemists, Jewish Kabbalists, and the Art of Spiritual Transformation” and his latest one is on the Masons called The Secret Temple: Masons, Mysteries, and the Founding of America”. Topics Discussed: China, Development, Western Money, Alchemy, The Big Dipper, The North Star, 7 Stages of Alchemical Process, Chinese Zodiac, Ladder of Seven Stars, Ezekiel, Merkabah, Daoism, Taoism, Liuzhou, Religion, Watching the Stars, Falun Gong, Tibet, Libraries, Books, Nazism, Language, Cantonese, Mandarin, Could the Arm of the Occult Forces be reaching to Tibet though to China, Chinese Communism Revolution, Philosophy of Communism, George Soros comment on China and much more.

Red Ice Radio – Peter Levenda – Chinese Alchemy

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Dr. David M. Jacobs – UFO History, Abductions & The Human Alien Hybrid Program

Dr. David M. Jacobs is an associate professor of History at Temple University in Philadelphia specializing in twentieth century American history and culture. He’s been a UFO researcher for 45 years. In 1973, he completed his doctoral dissertation in field of intellectual history at the University of Wisconsin–Madison on the controversy over unidentified flying objects in America. This was only the second Ph.D. degree granted involving a UFO-related theme. He joins us for a three-hour discuss about the History of the UFO Phenomena, Abductions, Abduction Reports, The Grey’s, the Human-Alien Hybrid Program and the Integration Program. Topics Discussed: Ufology, Fake UFO, 1966, Study the UFO phenomena, Jimmy Carter, All UFO investigation since 1975 just verifies, the occupants of the crafts, Humanoids, The Betty & Barney Hill Case, Evidence for UFOs, Contactee’s, Budd Hopkins, Hypnosis, 1986, The Typical Abduction Case, Missing Time, Healing the Traumatized, Channeling, Dissociative, David’s first Hypnosis patient, Travis Walton, The Abductions was “assembly line” Nature, Run like a Program, Confabulation and much more.

Red Ice Radio – Dr. David M. Jacobs – UFO History, Abductions & The Human Alien Hybrid Program

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Red Ice Radio – Lloyd Pye – The Starchild Skull Update

Author and Researcher of the “Starchild Skull” Lloyd Pye joins us on the program to discuss the latest developments, DNA research, his new e-book “Starchild Skull Essentials” and what it would take to get a full base pair genetic mapping of the skull. Where does it come from? Is this the first physical evidence for a Human Alien hybrid program? Topics Discuss: The Starchild Skull, Lloyd begin into this subject 10 years ago, Is this an Experiment gone wrong? Chromosomes, mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA), 3 Billion Base Pairs to be mapped, Human DNA, Alien DNA, Degraded DNA, Foreign DNA, 454 Life Sciences, Recovery of Genome, Neanderthal Genome, Chimp, Gorilla and Neanderthal DNA and similarity to Human DNA, Hominoids, Mapping the human genome, the Skull is thinner but stronger, The age of the Starchild Skull, what is the implications of this find in terms of Science and Human Origins?

Red Ice Radio – Lloyd Pye – The Starchild Skull Update

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Red Ice Radio – Robert Bauval – Black Genesis & The Ancient People of Nabta Playa

Author Robert Bauval joins us for a two hour program to discuss the roots of Egyptian Civilization, his new book “Black Genesis” and the people of Nabta Playa in the Nubian Desert. Topics Discussed: Orion Giza Correlation, 10 500 B.C., How did Egyptian Civilization Begin? Pyramid’s are of the 4th Dynasty, Flinders Petrie, Sahara, Fred Wendorf, The Nabta Playa Ceremonial Site, Megalithic Constructions, Bones of Cows, Stonehenge, Stellar Alignments, Big Dipper, Orion, Sirius, Carbon Dating – 7000 B.C., Naming the People at Nabta Playa, Mediterranean People, Why do People Observe Stars? Tibesti Mountains, “Water Stations”, Abu Ballas Hills, Dakhla, Pharaonic Scriptures, Lost kingdom of “Im”, The People of Ham, Son’s of Noah, Evidence for Agriculture, Use of Cattle, Sub-Saharan, Sand Storm, Movement of Dunes, Mindset of the Ancient People, Relationship to the Environment, The Maasai and much more.

Red Ice Radio – Robert Bauval – Black Genesis & The Ancient People of Nabta Playa

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Lenon Honor – The Borg Agenda & The Sexualization of Technology

Our guest is Lenon Honor, a researcher and filmmaker, who primarily focus on subliminal programming and manipulation within the media, the music industry and television, programming and mind control. We discuss his upcoming film project called “The Borg Agenda, Seven of Nine and and the Sexualization of Technology”. Topics Discussed: Subliminal Programming in the Media, Screening media, TV and Films for Children, Pedophilic Contact in the movies, Angels in the Outfield, Reclaiming our Sight, Hidden in Plain Sight, Infinity, DNA, Wilson Brian Keyes, The Age of Manipulation, Techniques for detecting the Programming, Slowing things down, The Television, Feminization of Men, Hypnotic Nature of the Television Technology, Theta Waves, Humans Beings Multidimensional Beings, Technology, The Borg Agenda, Transhumanism, What is the Main Agenda Right Now, Robo-Agenda, The Hive Mind, World Wide Mind, Microchip Implant, One Though, Telepathy, The Borg Queen, Dominatrix Archetype, A.I. Systems, The Sexualization of Technology, Are Men are Jealous of the Female Creative Aspect? In Hour Two we talk about the Family, the Insect like Hive Mentality, Gender Roles, Feminization of the Male, Media, Fashion and the Hero archetype are Disrupting the Natural Roles. We also discuss the Sacred Feminine, Can learn from Technology? Specific Tasks we agreed to perform on this planet before we came here. How do we Remember what these Tasks are? We discuss the Manipulative Forces and Non Human Entities Controlling Events on this Planet. We round things up to talk about Children, the Futurists Wet Dream, Transhumanism, The Global Agenda of and how we can reactivate our dormant Telepathic Abilities. Don’t miss this interesting program!

Lenon Honor – The Borg Agenda & The Sexualization of Technology | Odeo: Search, Discover and Share Digital Media from Millions of Audio and Video Clips

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Mike Bara – Dark Mission, The Occult NASA Moon Mission | Odeo: Search, Discover and Share Digital Media from Millions of Audio and Video Clips

Mike Bara – Dark Mission, The Occult NASA Moon Mission | Odeo: Search, Discover and Share Digital Media from Millions of Audio and Video Clips

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Tony Gosling – Bilderberg & New World Order

Tony Gosling is a former local reporter for BBC, he is behind the website and joins us on the program to talk about recent events in Northern Ireland, Terrorism, The Force Research Unit (FRU), Operation Gladio and IRA. Tony is also one of the speakers at the AVII conference. We also discuss the Bilderberg meeting, The New World Order, the Murder of Princess Diana, David Kelly, Robin Cook, Situation Movement, Money, Banking, British military intelligence, 7/7 9/11, Diana, Occult, Rupert Murdoch, Anti-Semitism, Freemasonry and much more. Tony has also been involved in the NUJ (The National Union of Journalists) and been interested in the question of Media and ethics for a long time. Join us for an interesting hour long discussion with Tony.

Red Ice Creations Radio – Tony Gosling – Bilderberg & New World Order

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Adrian Gilbert – The Orion Mystery & The Invisible College

Adrian Gilbert is the author and co-author of a number of bestselling books, including “The Orion Mystery”, “The Mayan Prophecies”, Magi”, “Signs in the Sky” and “The End of Time”. We have Adrian with us to talk about the Orion Mystery, The Invisible Collage and the Opening of the Orion Star Gate. Topics discussed: Global Warming, the Sun, Galactic Alignments, Venus, Phi Ratio, Newton, Bodes law, Electric Universe, Egyptology, Pyramids Align Orion’s Belt, Westminster Abbey, Burial, City of London, Temple of Apollo, Ancient Britain’s, Britain and Troy, Brutus of Troy, The Brutus Stone in Totnes, Britain Pre-History, Themes, Trinovantum, Pyramid Shaft, Robot, Rudolf Gantenbrink, Zahi Hawass, Edgar Cayce, A R E, The Hall of Records, The Shaft in the Pyramid, Clairvoyant, Rosecrucians, Natural Philosophy, Science, The New Jerusalem, JJ Hurtak, The Invisible Collage and much more.

Red Ice Creations Radio – Adrian Gilbert – The Orion Mystery & The Invisible College

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