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A Big Fish!

Jim Channon this week on Future Theater!

A Big Fish! – Future Theater


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Dawn Of Shades est, Dr. John L. Turner, author of Medicine, Miracles, & Manifestations as they explore consciousness

UFO Paranormal radio network: Dawn Of Shades est, Dr. John L. Turner, author of Medicine, Miracles, & Manifestations as they explore consciousness

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Books & Recordings – Streaming Audio

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, various audio.
Books & Recordings – Streaming Audio

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“Timothy Leary at Cornell – 1989″

» Podcast 179 – “Timothy Leary at Cornell – 1989″ – Notes from the Psychedelic Salon

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“A random walk through two great minds”

With Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson
» Podcast 178 – “A random walk through two great minds” – Notes from the Psychedelic Salon

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Anthony Peake Interview (The Daemon)

Consciousness, Gnosticism, neuro-science, Philip K. Dick and quantum physics are all discussed in this fascinating interview with Anthony Peake, author of “The Daemon: A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self.”

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Through the Keyhole guest Dean Radin, Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and author of Entangled Minds

UFO Paranormal radio network

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Masonic Sorcerers Play Fair

This week I devoted the show to answering the questions posted at this blog. Subjects covered: Gnosis as an antipode to belief and opinion. How not to get lost in the data-deluge of paranoid research. Alex Jones and David Icke as unwitting disinfo agents? Mysteries of dream life, the second attention, and the other self. Movement of the assemblage point, ego transformation and death of the personal self. Lunar vs solar being. ET invasion as the ultimate manifestation of the Other: archetypal energy that creates a vortex which draws all our disowned aspects to it, like iron filings to a magnet, and from these creates “form.” Grays as aspects of our collective Shadow. Movement from individual consciousness to collective, local awareness to non-local awareness that will include the consciousness of the planet, solar system and on, over the next 100 years. Humanity is the mind of the Earth. Earth awakening through a self-imposed crisis. Awareness of the body as a hive mind, a collective of cells just as the Universe is a collective of cells. Manufactured mythic narratives, the current financial (environmental, population) crisis setting up the conditions for us to accept totalitarian control system and become slaves of the State. The opportunity of the Revelation of the Method. Even Masonic sorcerers play fair (obey divine law).

Stormy Weather: Masonic Sorcerers Play Fair

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Stormy Weather: Latest Episode

Picks up the debate on synchromysticism and the difference between animism and mysticism, answering questions from anonymous:

“What does it feel like when the very trees and fields are alive and interacting with one? How does one tell when one has made ‘contact.’ How does one know one isn’t simply crazy??”

I discuss the bicameral mind, the parallels (and differences) between schizophrenia and shamanic consciousness, and ways to open a dialogue with the environment and mine our day-to-day life for symbolic meanings.

Stormy Weather: Latest Episode

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Neil Kramer – The Gates of Awakening & The Field Uplink

We have writer Neil Kramer from “The Cleaver” back on the program to discuss The Gates of Awakening, Increasing polarity of consciousness, LRP flash analysis, Imagination & Field Uplink and how to Find/locate oneself. We begin to talk about the natural process of how consciousness is engaged, challenged and raised. We discuss the different steps and how to avoid getting stuck in one area or subject. Topics Discussed: Cognitive Dissonance, The Programming language of Reality, Expansion, Different Levels of Escape, Imagination, The Field and the Field Uplink, The Akashic Field, Remote Viewing, Entheogens, Shamanism, The Brain, Curiosity, Quantum Theory, Integration and much more.

Red Ice Creations Radio – Neil Kramer – The Gates of Awakening & The Field Uplink

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