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Marie Jones on BoA: Audio

BoA:Audio goes off the beaten esoteric path as we examine the world of supervolcanos with Marie Jones. Marie gives us a sweeping overview of supervolcanos / calderas, including what they are and where they can be found, the infamous Toba eruption 75,000 years ago, the Yellowstone caldera that has many in esoterica buzzing, and which area poses the most danger, should a supervolcano erupt. We’ll also “war game” a caldera eruption to find out how extensive the damage would be and how, if at all, people can prepare for such an event. In addition to that, we have some bonus discussion on women in Esoterica and the rise of the ghosthunting fad.

It’s an informative and informal edition of BoA:Audio with one of the fastest rising and most respected researchers in the paranormal world today: Marie Jones.

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