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Dreamland: Franceen King: Ultimate OBE Expert

Franceen King and Whitley Strieber started their out-of-body work together at the Monroe Institute. Twenty years ago, Franceen ran her first Monroe Institute Gateway, which was also Whitley’s first Gateway experience.

Listen as William Henry interviews Franceen King about her years with the Monroe Institute, her wonderful personal experiences with all forms of OBE-related work, and her exciting expectations for the future of the Monroe Institute and its work.

Dr. King also runs the Self Awareness Institute in Lutz, Florida, and offers expert guidance in all areas of consciousness exploration.

Her personal adventures and her profound understanding of consciousness emerge in this exciting and unusual interview. Rarely does an expert like Franceen get interviewed by other experts like William Henry and Whitley Strieber. Don’t miss this exceptional Dreamland experience.
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Bigfoot, Ghost and UFOs, Oh my! – alien, bigfoot, california, dark, ghost

Preston Dennett, author of various topics such as UFOs, ghost, out of body experience and many more, will join us to talk about many aspects of the paranormal and tell us about some of his upcoming books.
BlogTalkRadio – Shadows in the Dark – Bigfoot, Ghost and UFOs, Oh my! – alien, bigfoot, california, dark, ghost

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