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Hay, Hay! It’s the Answer!

Hay, Hay! It’s the Answer! – Future Theater


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X Zone interview done

Tessa Dick Presents: It’s a Philip K. Dick World!: X Zone interview done

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Linda Godfrey on binnall of america : audio

Acclaimed cryptozoologist Linda Godfrey joins us for a discussion about the phenomenon of Bipedal Canine Cryptids (aka “Dogman”). We’ll cover the recent “Gable Film” hoax which was revealed on a recent edition of MonsterQuest and Linda will detail the entire Gable saga as it unfolded. We’ll then cover the “Dogman” enigma from a variety of angles, including how Linda first began investigating the phenomenon, the response of the cryptozoology community to her research, the typical descriptions of the Bipedal Canine Cryptids and how they differ from bears as well as “classic” werewolf descriptions, the connections between the Dogman and water as well as Native American burial mounds, problems with proving the BCC’s existence, and tons more material related to the mysterious Bipedal Canine Cryptids.

It’s a revealing look at a truly unique cryptid with the researcher who helped to put it on the map: Linda Godfrey.

binnall of america : audio

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Mysticism and Magic… in Four Parts

The Gralien Report » Blog Archive » Mysticism and Magic… in Four Parts

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A Big Fish!

Jim Channon this week on Future Theater!

A Big Fish! – Future Theater

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R. Gary Patterson on binnall of america : audio

Powerhouse investigator of the connection between rock music and the esoteric, R. Gary Patterson makes his long-awaited debut on BoA:Audio. We’ll be covering the occult influences on Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, the “mind controlled rock star” meme, backwards tracks found in music (both intentionally and imagined), the “Paul is Dead” conspiracy theory, the mysterious deaths of Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Jim Morrison, and a ton of other fascinating connections between pop culture and the paranormal.

It’s a wildly entertaining edition of the program which will surely serve as one of our signature interviews for Season V as R. Gary Patterson comes to BoA:Audio.

binnall of america : audio

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Feschino. Lehmberg. Finally!

Feschino. Lehmberg. Finally! – Future Theater

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The Latest Edition Of “Transmissions From A Dying Planet”

The Latest Edition Of “Transmissions From A Dying Planet” « Adam Gorightly’s Untamed Dimensions

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Episode 318 – Mysterious Universe

Episode 318 – Mysterious Universe | Mysterious Universe

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Chica Bruce: Renaissance Woman

Alexandra “Chica” Bruce is a smart cookie. I’ve known her for about a decade, but we’ve only been able to meet in person a few times. She first came to my attention with her book The Philadelphia Experiment Murder: Parallel Universes and the Physics of Insanity.

Since then, Chica has written six more books on subjects ranging from myths and realities of the 2012 “apocalypse” to a new translation and examination of testimony from the 1917 Fatima apparitions to investing in rare wines.

On February 28th, we took a day trip to Santa Barbara with the aim of getting Chica a paraglider flight. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, but I had her captive for the day, and convinced her to come by for a live appearance on Radio Misterioso.

She talked about her own startling UFO sighting at the age of 14 in Brazil. We then moved on to a short discussion of a book which accuses Tibetan Buddhist monks of various abuses, then an in-depth look at her Fatima book, and the implications of the prophecies that were revealed to the witnesses. We also talked about the devastating Chile earthquake, which had just occurred the day before, and the evidence of tidal surges we observed in the beach just that day. Chica talked about possible cosmic influences on the Earth and possible connections to the rash of recent earthquakes. This led to a conversation about the history of the planet as described by the theories of catastrophism (i.e. the work of Immanuel Velikovsky.) We end with some musical fun.

Radio Misterioso » Blog Archive » Chica Bruce: Renaissance Woman

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