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David Chaim Smith on Occult of Personality

In podcast episode 83, we’re joined by David Chaim Smith. A Kabbalist, mystic, and extraordinary artist, Smith’s drawings are vibrant, esoteric, beautiful, and inspired diagrams that hearken back to the tradition of alchemical art of the seventeenth century. While invoking memories of such amazing drawings, his work also goes beyond and extends this tradition.

David Chaim Smith


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Radio Show Discusses Vatican Conference on Extraterrestrial Life

Radio Show Discusses Vatican Conference on Extraterrestrial Life – UFO Casebook Files

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The Raelians

The Raelians (5/9/2007)

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The Best Of Untamed Dimensions Radio – The Theresa Duncan Mystery

The Best Of Untamed Dimensions Radio – The Theresa Duncan Mystery « Adam Gorightly’s Untamed Dimensions

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The Demon Spirit

Rochester Paranormal

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David Twichell joins me as we discuss the anniversary of the lunar landing. Many of us remember what we were doing on that day. I remember watching it with my mother and brother. Did you know that there is some audio of Neil Armstrong discussing with Houston an unknown large craft that is nearby? Mission Contol is trying to get Mr. Armstrong to go to a secure channel. David has added a link in the shout box if you want to listen. David also talks about this incident in his book The UFO Jesus Connection.

Are there alien bases on the moon? We discuss that and more. David also goes into some of his investigations with MUFON. Coming in September I am going to be a guest on David’s internet and radio show.


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Robin Swope aka “The Paranormal Pastor” on binnall of america : audio

One of the breakout stars in esoterica over the last year, Pastor Robin Swope, better known to the online world as “The Paranormal Pastor”, comes to BoA:Audio to discuss his research and writings. We’ll cover a myriad of esoteric topics, including truly strange paranormal stories shared by missionaries who worked in Africa, the potential dangers of “weekend warrior” ghost hunters and their flirtation with evil forces, what the Bible really says about ghosts, UFOs, and cryptobeasts, phone calls from the dead and soul pillars, the esoteric powers once associated with birthmarks, the infamous Pierre Bernard, Swope’s role in the Omega Men, ghost stories from his days working at a haunted ambulance bay and his experiences performing exorcisms. Plus, of course, tons and tons more.

It’s a wide-ranging conversation with one of the most exciting new voices to emerge in esoterica today: The Paranormal Pastor.

binnall of america : audio

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ufo angels and Gods Alien Hybrids Here now

ufo angels and Gods Alien Hybrids Here now 6/30/2009 – cosmichorizonsradio on Blog Talk Radio

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Secrets Of The Holy Lance Tracing The Spear That Peirced Jesus

SECRETS OF THE HOLY LANCE: The Spear Of Destiny In History & Legend by Jerry E. Smith and George Piccard, weaves together the many threads of the Spear’s legend like no book before it has. SECRETS OF THE HOLY LANCE places this legend against the backdrop of world history: from its mythical creation by Tubal-Cain, seventh generation grandson of Adam, to its appearance at the Crucifixion; its use by Constantine, Rome’s first Christian Caesar; to

Secrets Of The Holy Lance Tracing The Spear That Peirced Jesus 6/17/2009 – Royce Holleman on Blog Talk Radio

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Through The Keyhole guest Michael Heiser talking about ets paranormal and the bible

UFO Paranormal radio network: Through The Keyhole guest Michael Heiser talking about ets paranormal and the bible

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