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Tim Binnall, Nick Redfern, and Peter Robbins

Three past guests joined us for two hours of conversation about the Mass Mystery Weekend which took place on October 16th and 17th in Boston. Tim Binnall was co-organizer and the MC for the UFO lectures, and discussed the joys and problems of running a conference. At the conference, Nick spoke on UFO crashes and also about his research into the chupacabras and Peter talked about his famous research into the Bentwaters UFO landing case.

We spent the show discussing the conference itself, the guests’ recent work, the divide between those interested in UFOs and those who follow other aspects of the paranormal, and possible directions that research can go in the future. We also debated the pluses and minuses of the Disclosure movement, and Peter spoke about the possible use of Reichian Cloudbusters by the U.S. military.

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Adam Gorightly on binnall of america : audio

Esoterica’s crackpot historian, Adam Gorightly returns to BoA:Audio to discuss his new book James Shelby Downard’s Mystical War. We’ll be covering the bizarre life and times of esoteric researcher James Shelby Downard, as well as a number of his most famous theories and observations. We’ll delve into theories that JSD may have been a “literary hoax” created by other esoteric writers and how Adam went about disproving that theory, the Fatty Arbuckle scandal and how it relates to esoteric symbolism, the King Kill 33 JFK assassination theory, Mystical Toponomy, ritual magic, the infamous Babylon Working group and the stories of the creation of a Humunculous, the Revelation of Method, synchromysticism, and a plethora of other heady esoteric material.

It’s an interview which sheds light on some of the paranormal world’s darkest corners with the always entertaining Adam Gorightly.

binnall of america : audio

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Through The Keyhole guest Tim Binnall

I love the name of Tim Binnall’s podcast and website, because there are lots of days when we’d all love to bin all of America and start over! Seriously, if you haven’t listened to Tim’s show yet, do so soon. It’s one of the best out there, in an ever-expanding field of really great internet radio shows. Tim’s new season is just about to kick off on October 19, so join us for a sneak preview of what he’s got coming up this fall.

UFO Paranormal radio network

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Binnall Of Esoterica

Tim Binnall joins Adam to discuss and wild and wooly world of Esoterica.
Binnall Of Esoterica

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